Fill the empty slots on your calendar and grow a business you love.


Fill the empty slots on your calendar and grow a business you love.

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9 Tips To Create Content That Converts

9 Tips To Create Content That Converts

9 Tips To Create Content That Converts Hey Practice Owners! Are you having a hard time thinking of how to grow your audience base whether it be your email list, youtube channel, or membership page? Coming up with ideas can be half the battle when you're trying to...

You went to school to learn how to help people, but you can’t help them if they can’t find you and your business is out of control.



My name is John Clarke. I’m a therapist just like you, and I know what it’s like to feel lost and confused when it comes to getting new clients consistently and growing a successful practice with no business or marketing training. I’ve grown 2 thriving practices using the exact methods that I teach therapists today


You can get more clients consistently, grow a profitable practice, and become the business owner you’ve always imagined.


Jeremy Mast

Business Owner

“Working with John didn’t just change my practice. It changed my life. John helped me “go deep” and identify who I am as a therapist and helped me translate that into a personal brand. He also helped me transform my marketing plan so that I now consistently generate referrals. I don’t have to worry anymore about the empty slots on my calendar, and I feel exponentially more confident about my business. Thanks John! You’ve made me a lifelong fan.”

You can become a practice owner who finally feels in control of your business.

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Fill the empty slots on your calendar and grow a highly profitable practice. Learn how to setup our system for getting new therapy clients consistently.

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The Business Made Human™ community was created to help you achieve success and significance not just in business, but also in all areas of life. Join our high-level mastermind that meets weekly and includes an in-person retreat. Designed for you to thrive.

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Work weekly with John in a small group to grow and scale your already-successful private practice, streamline your systems and processes, create a better company culture, dial in your digital marketing, and build additional/passive income streams. For established business owners only.

Julia Rose, LPCA

Business Owner

"When I first met with John I was unsure and afraid. I was not even thinking that I would open a private practice as soon as I did. John helped me find the strength and courage to jump in to private practice head on. It has been less than 2 months and I am already successful and doing well. It did not cost me a kidney, and I found out that I WAS capable. John helped me see that, and I am forever grateful to him."

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