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I connected with John to help with so many aspects of getting my private practice started in San Francisco.  There are a lot of different services that help with different aspects of getting a practice started, but John was able to help me with so many aspects and stages of this process.  He helped me think about who I want to work with and my ideal client, how to go about understanding billing and insurance options, and launching my website and refining it.  He also helped with different aspects of marketing and networking and really helped me to develop my own forms and organize the steps I needed to take to get things going quickly and smoothly.  I was really surprised and delighted that within a few weeks I was ready to go and already had several clients when I opened my doors.



John was instrumental is helping me set up and successfully grow my private practice. His guidance is critical in terms of how to present yourself as a therapist as well as how to get connected to the clients who are looking for the services you provide. I can say that John was responsible for a great deal of the growth my practice has experienced due to not only his clinical skills but his excellent blend of ethics and business acumen. Very often therapist are very skilled clinically but lack the ability to present and market their talents that potential clients are seeking. John did an excellent helping me develop my practice so I have been able to remain true to my career’s purpose while at the same time generating a strong flow of referrals and great new people to work with.



Working with John has been a blessing. When I first met with John I was unsure and afraid. I was not even thinking that I would open a private practice as soon as I did. I was just playing with the idea of it. If I had let fear get in the way I would not have started my practice. John helped me find the strength and courage to jump in to private practice head on. I felt safe, and able to ask dumb questions. He empowered me, but ultimately helped me be able to empower myself. He challenged me to think in a way I was not trained to do so in graduate school. John also helped me in areas I knew nothing about, such as blogging and digital marketing.  It has been less than 2 months and I am already successful and doing well. It did not cost me a kidney, and I found out that I WAS capable. John helped me see that, and I am forever grateful to him.


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As a private practice expert, I help therapists build or grow an existing practice to boost their income and have a greater impact.


I'll teach you everything you need to get started or strengthen your current basic business practices. If you are completely new to private practice, I'll set you up with every single document you need to open your practice and see your first client, and I'll show you how to open your practice for $300 or less. We'll also talk through how to set your out-of-pocket fees, accept payments and track your income and business expenses, andoptimize your schedule and reduce no-shows.


Most clients today find their therapist the same way they find the best sushi restaurant in their neighborhood: by looking them up on the internet. I'll do a thorough analysis and review of your website (or help you build a new one) and give you step-by-step directions as to how to redesign it to make it more discoverable by potential new clients.


Most businesses invest anywhere from 15-30% of their gross profits back into their business. How are you using your income to grow your business? We'll first spend some time identifying and clarifying your target market, then I'll walk you through a specialized plan for you to market your business and grow your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through low-cost methods such as Google AdWords campaigns, and free methods such as blogging, video blogging, and writing E-books.


I'll show you how you can ditch every insurance panel you're on, and build a practice that only requires one simple transaction per client, and gets you paid the same day. I'll show you how to double your income while working half the hours that you're used to.


Most therapists get caught up on some aspect of moving forward in their practice. Quite often, therapists feel "guilty" raising their fees, not accepting insurance, and limiting their hours to a schedule that best suits their lifestyle. I'll help you quickly break through the mental barriers that might be holding you back.


No longer will you cringe when you hear someone telling you that you should be doing more "networking." I'll show you how to grow your professional circles in a way that will tangibly pay off. Rather than mingle aimlessly, I'll talk you through who exactly you should be connecting with and why.

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I'm a licensed psychotherapist and a private practice expert. I've built thriving practices from the ground up in San Francisco, CA and Charlotte, NC.

In building my current practice, I had 6 private-pay clients booked for the first day that my doors were open.