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Get Fully Booked™

Fill the empty slots on your calendar and grow a highly profitable practice. Learn how to setup our system for getting new therapy clients consistently. This training program is the prerequisite for our other 2 offerings.

Join Purpose Driven Practice™

Grow a profitable, Purpose Driven Practice and lead a life of success and significance. Join our mastermind community that meets weekly and includes an in-person retreat. Designed for you to thrive.

Work 1-on-1 with John

Take everything to the next level when you work with John in the most “high-touch” offering available. Meet with John twice monthly for 3 or 6 months to go deep into all areas of your business: mindset mastery, marketing automation, passive income, scaling, hiring, and much more.  **Please note: this offering is generally reserved only for therapists who have completed the Fully Booked training program. Please email us to learn more and apply.**