012: How to Speak to Your Ideal Client Through Video with Connor McClenahan

Podcast September 18, 2017

You know that having a high quality video on your website could give you the marketing edge you need, but…

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011: What You Really Need to Know About SEO

Podcast September 6, 2017

Listen+Subscribe on iTunes!  Even just hearing the term “SEO” gives you anxiety. It’s one of many things in your practice…

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010: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Podcast September 1, 2017

Listen+Subscribe on iTunes!  You know your practice could be more successful if you really knew how to manage your time,…

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09: How to Know What’s Working with Joe Sanok

Podcast August 25, 2017

LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES There are so many decisions to make everyday as a private practice owner. When it…

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08: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) with Jaime Jay

Podcast August 18, 2017

LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES Thinking about hiring a virtual assistant (VA)? Let Jaime Jay from Slapshot Studio and…

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07: Using Facebook Ads and Promoting a Group Practice with Maureen Werrbach

Podcast August 9, 2017

Promoting your solo practice is one thing, but what about promoting a group practice? Maureen Werrbach from is here…

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06: How to Write Mouth-Watering Copy with Laura Long

Podcast August 2, 2017

Warning: all sorts of profanity in this episode! Your Psychology Today profile has been up there forever, and it *kind…

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05: How to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Audience with Dr. Melvin Varghese

Podcast July 26, 2017

LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES A lot of therapists are wondering: Should I start a podcast? Why is podcasting so…

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04: The Revival of Snail Mail with Sean Meyer of Goat

Podcast, Uncategorized July 19, 2017

In the era of technology, what is commonly overlooked is the power of receiving a physical product in the mail….

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03: How to Make Your Marketing Human with Kat Love

Podcast July 14, 2017

The work we do as therapists is meaningful, intentional, and client centric—so why would our website be anything less? Sure, anyone can put their name on a webpage with a list of credentials and contact info, but when you are trying to build and market your practice, you might want to consider taking a deeper look at your website design.

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