032: John Gets Real, Again

Podcast February 21, 2018

John keeps things casual and gets real, again. In this episode, hear John’s thoughts on managing yourself better, habits of…

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031: Facebook Ads in a Weekend with Amy Crane

Podcast February 14, 2018

Thinking about learning Facebook ads? Tempted to boost that blog post for $10? Hear what Amy Crane from Social Lab…

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030: How John Deals with Fear

Podcast February 7, 2018

How does fear influence your life and your business? How do you respond to fear? John gives a working definition…

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029: John Defines Success

Podcast January 31, 2018

John defines success in his own terms, and talks about how his definition has changed and evolved over time. John…

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028: John Slows Down and Gets Real

Podcast January 25, 2018

Yep, it’s what it sounds like. In this episode, John slows down and gets real. Sometimes we work hard–too hard–and…

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027: How to Get More Clicks on Your Directory Profiles with Jeff Guenther

Podcast January 17, 2018

Jeff Guenther of The Practice Academy shares his research results from user behavior of his Portland-based counselor directory, and the…

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026: WTF is Wrong With My Systems? With Laura Long

Podcast January 10, 2018

Join me and Your Badass Therapy Practice’s Laura Long for an at-times-ridiculous conversation about systems in your private practice. Also…

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025: Do I Really Have to Network to be Successful? With Allison Puryear

Podcast January 3, 2018

Everyone tells you that you have to network to be successful in private practice, but is that totally true? Well,…

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024: How to Launch an Online Course with Katie Keates May

Podcast December 28, 2017

In this week’s episode, learn from Become a Group Guru’s Katie Keates May on all things online entrepreneurship. Katie outlines…

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023: Your Niche is YOU with Kelly Higdon

Podcast December 20, 2017

Kelly Higdon of Zynnyme/Business Bootcamp is an absolute legend. I met Kelly last summer and she’s been one of the…

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