Therapy Office Essentials for Creating a Conducive Space for Therapy

Furnishing your office can be tricky in any profession, but it can be especially difficult in therapy. That’s because the way a therapist’s office makes patients feel can have major impacts on the overall outcome of treatment.

While it’s true that creating a safe and comfortable space can help balance the difficult mental and emotional work of therapy, it’s equally true that poorly designed spaces can come with a wide range of negative impacts as well.

Therapy offices that are uncomfortable and unconducive to therapy can contribute to ineffective therapy sessions, a poor reputation, and, ultimately, a loss of credibility and revenue.

So we’ve written this article as a guide for private practice owners of all kinds to help facilitate the therapy process using good design. While you won’t be needing a dining table, below are some of the furniture and decor considerations we do recommend.

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Our Top Therapy Couches

Every therapist needs a place for their patient to sit, and to make your patients feel most comfortable, we generally recommend you go with a couch over a chair or chaise.

Having a couch allows patients to feel at home and comfortable, both physically and mentally. It gives them the option to sit, lay down, cross their legs, and feel cozy. It also allows you to invite more than one patient in your office at once, for example, if you were offering couples therapy.

Below are our top choices for couches that are comfortable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing.


ZINUS Jackie Sofa Couch

Not only is this couch is easily assembled, highly rated, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s also comfortable, durable, and very affordable ($399 at the time of writing this article). ZINUS is a brand that proves that cheap furniture doesn’t have to be inferior in quality and design. Couples therapists will be happy that this couch also provides plenty of space for more than one person.

Image source: Amazon


Mr. Kate Tess Sofa

This couch is comfortable, stylish, and neutral enough to fit in just about any office space. Best of all, even at its affordable price ($525 at the time of writing), there are no additional shipping charges and free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. As a result, this is a perfect fit for anyone with a large enough space to accommodate the product dimensions.

Image source: Amazon


ZINUS Thompson Reversible Sectional

A pricier option on this list ($912 at the time of writing this article), sectional couches provide additional comfort for patients to sit back, relax, and have an open conversation. They also pair nicely with any accent table, where patients can place their things during sessions.

Image Source: Amazon


Our Top Therapist Chairs

Therapy chairs are pivotal to keeping you comfortable and focused during your therapy sessions, and there are a few key considerations to take into account.

Firstly, you’ll want a therapist chair that is durable. Remember, you’ll be sitting in this chair for many hours every day for the duration of the chair’s life, so ideally, it will not sink, droop or fall apart over time.

Secondly, you’ll want a chair that is comfortable to sit up straight in for prolonged periods of time (slouching can make you groggy and distract you from your approach to therapy).

Obviously, an uncomfortable therapist chair may also make you look uncomfortable during your sessions, which can be an odd distraction to your patients.

Lastly, your therapy chair should also look nice so as to create a relaxed atmosphere for your patients.

Taking these considerations into account, below are our top recommendations for a good therapist chair.


GDF Studio Armchair

With a thick cushion, stable arms, and plenty of back support, this chair offers a great experience for therapists who often find themselves providing back-to-back therapy sessions. While not the cheapest on this list, this chair costs only $260 at the time of writing.

Image Source: Amazon


Rosevera Elena Adelmo Armchair

While this therapist chair certainly doesn’t provide as much back support as the other options on this list, it should be sufficient for shared offices or therapists and counselors who have more sporadic appointments. It’s also very affordable ($150 at the time of writing).

Image Source: Amazon


Christopher Knight Armchair

Simple, stable, and affordable ($170 at the time of writing), this therapist chair is a bit of a mix of the two above. With enough back support to get you through at least a few sessions, but still very affordable, this is a great option not often found in furniture stores. We recommend pairing with an accent table to place your belongings during therapy sessions.

Image Source: Amazon

Our Top Therapist Desks

Having a therapist desk in your office gives you the ability to work in between patients as well as have a place to go if you offer virtual therapy sessions.

Generally, we recommend a desk that uses natural wood surfaces over glass or metal. Bringing nature into your office (with plants, natural light, or wood) can enhance the calming qualities of your space, which is important for any approach to therapy.

You won’t need a very large desk. Keep it simple and clean, so that it’s clear to patients that their needs come before your own.

Here are our top picks:


Engriy Writing Computer Desk

This therapist desk is simple, clean, and includes elements of nature to calm your patients. It can also double as a console table if needed. Lastly, this is one of the most affordable items on our list at just $100 at the time of writing, which is great for any new business.

Image Source: Amazon



Caffoz Writing Desk

What’s great about this therapist desk for a therapist’s or counselor’s office is that it stays in the background while also providing additional storage space. This desk can also double as a console table if needed and is still very affordable ($120 at the time of writing).

Image Source: Amazon



Engriy Computer Desk

Another very affordable and minimalist option that stays in the background, the Engriy Computer Desk also provides plenty of space for any books you might want to lend to patients. This desk is $110 at the time of writing.

Image Source: Amazon

Choosing a Rug for a Therapist Office

Rugs can help to dampen sounds and increase confidence that your therapy session is private. They also give you some creative freedom to decorate and show off your personality. We recommend soft colors, nothing too bright or distracting. Here are a few of our favorites on Amazon:

Non-Shedding Living Room Bedroom Dining Home Office Area Rug, 9′ x 12′

Image Source: Amazon

Artistic Weavers Hapsburg Moroccan Shag Area Rug, 7’10” x 10’2″

Image Source: Amazon

Therapy Office Lighting

While lighting isn’t technically furniture, it is still one of the most important elements of your therapy office. While lots of natural light is generally preferred, it’s a good idea to invest in lamps that provide warm, soft lighting for evening sessions.

Always avoid overhead fluorescent lighting, which can be jarring and uncomfortable at best and make your client feel like they are in the spotlight at worst.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Rottogoon Floor Lamp

A sturdy and comfortable floor lamp that provides plenty of light without being overwhelming.

Image Source: Amazon

Lamp with USB Port Touch Control

Perfect for an accent table, clients can even use this lamp to charge their phone while in session.

Image Source: Amazon

Other Therapy Office Furniture Ideas

Now that we covered the must-haves, you may want to consider some other options to fill the space and make it more of a homey feel, rather than just an office.

Bookshelves are a great way to promote your client to borrow one off the shelf. Plus, it gives you a place to store your textbooks and helpful tools for your convenience. Adding some decorative items on the shelves are nice too, for example, some plants or small art pieces.

Coffee tables and end tables give your clients a place to put their personal belongings. Your clients will appreciate that you have provided convenience and comfort, it is their space more than it is yours. We suggest accessorizing with a few pieces that reflect your personality or even some books off the shelf that you think your client may enjoy.

Your credentials aren’t necessary either, and sometimes may seem self-serving, but research has shown that clients want to see signs of your expertise. It provides a bit of comfort knowing that your therapist is actually a therapist, and not some random person giving out advice.
Okay, this one is a necessity–always have a box of tissues handy. You probably know that already, but here is your reminder.

Lastly, if you work with children, it is super important to have toys they can play with while they spend their session with you. Once you get a child comfortable, more times than not, they will talk to you and trust you.


Beyond Furniture: Therapist Office Decor

It is hard to overstate the importance of decor in making your office feel welcoming and comfortable. Good decor can, for example, act as relaxing yet activating “positive distractions” for patients, help build rapport and trust, as well as stimulate creative problem-solving for those with something on their mind.

The key to good therapy office decor is to keep it light. The colors you incorporate in your office set the tone. Colors like sage green or a dusty blue give a sense of calm and relaxation.

One word of caution when choosing decor: be careful of over-filling your space. You’ll want to keep it uncluttered to prevent your clients from feeling stuffy or messy.

Below are some ideas for good office decor for therapists, counselors


Therapy Posters

Therapist posters are a great way to share important mental health concepts with your clients. When aesthetically appealing, posters can also provide a positive emotional response.

You may want to look for posters that have positive affirmations or therapy concepts your clients can use in their everyday lives. Clients have remarked years later about a single poster that gave them a concept that has forever changed their perspective.

Below are a couple of examples of great posters, for both you and your client.


Healing is Not Linear Poster

This saying is great for anyone who might doubt their progress over time and encourages patients to see their therapy through.

Image Source: Amazon


LOLUIS The Sun Will Rise ​Poster

This poster is a reminder that whatever we are going through today will eventually cease to bother us.

Image Source: Amazon

Self Care Mental Health Therapy Posters

This 3-piece set of posters could be the perfect all-in-one option for you, depending on your approach to therapy.

Image Source: Amazon

Comforting Pillows and Blankets

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 4, White) – 18 x 18 Inches

Both pillows and blankets can bring the comforts of home into your therapy session. Here are some great options. ($25 at the time of writing)

Image Source: Amazon

Intelex Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush

For any private practice that works with children, it’s a given that you should include items that provide comfort, especially to children.

Image source: Amazon


Final Thoughts

Therapy offices are meant to be comfortable and welcoming. It is our job to make sure that our clients feel like they are able to communicate in an enjoyable, safe space. We hope this article helps you get a better understanding of how to decorate and furnish your space.


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