9 Tips To Create Content That Converts

9 Tips To Create Content That Converts

Hey Practice Owners!

Are you having a hard time thinking of how to grow your audience base whether it be your email list, youtube channel, or membership page? Coming up with ideas can be half the battle when you’re trying to implement them the right way to result in actual conversions. To help with this process we’ve put together 9 helpful tips to create content that converts!

1. Know Your Audience

Who are you specifically trying to reach?

Envision them in your head and put yourself in their shoes. Before you create any sort of content think of the specific problems the person you’re wanting to reach is facing, think about how you can offer guidance or a solution.

If you haven’t read the book StoryBrand or listened to the podcast, we recommend doing this so you can get a better idea of how to think through your content creation process so you’re hitting the mark when it comes to being relevant to your audience.

If you don’t think through the specifics of who you’re creating content for, your content will be too general. Don’t worry about “getting too specific”, people want you to be specific!

If you’re curious about how to “niche down” watch our video!

2. Have Someone Help You Create It

Is blogging, creating newsletters, social media content, or videos not really your thing? You can still draw attention to your practice without having to do it all!

There are many resources for therapists to be able to access Virtual Assistants in order to streamline and help keep up with content creation to market your business.

If you’re not wanting to go down the VA route, hire someone you know that’s in the mental health field looking for some extra side income.

Pay them well, and give them a gameplan of work you want help with (this could include either giving them a content calendar so they have topics to go off of, or showing them how to come up with topics on their own).

Then, hand them the reigns to create content and see how they do within a 2-week timeframe. If you like what you see, give them a set amount of content you’d like them to create weekly, and voila! You can spend more time focusing on your clients while still getting great content out there consistently.

Wanting some help coaching your Virtual Assistant on how to create great content and utilize the systems we teach through Private Practice Workshop? Sign up your VA for individual coaching sessions with Elizabeth!

3. Think Of Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

To get in the mindset of what your audience is wanting, instead of racking your brain to try and think of a bunch of ideas try going through the list of questions you get asked most often. This could be questions from clients, friends who are curious about what you do, or other clinicians that want to be doing what you’re doing, etc.

How can you turn these common questions into useful content so your audience can have the answers they’re looking for?

Maybe your client base is struggling with a similar theme in sessions, or maybe your friends and family ask you questions on how therapy works or how to find a therapist. Use these to your advantage! And because you’ve been asked these questions before, you already know at least a handful of people are interested (and chances are they’re not the only ones asking the same questions). Make sure to add these questions to your content calendar for easy access!

4. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

As a therapist, you’re already great at empathy, which is ideal for hitting it home with your content so your audience feels seen and understood.

When coming up with content topics, take a few moments to envision yourself as the reader or consumer. How are you going to alleviate an issue they’re facing or answer a question for them?

Again, you are the guide in this scenario and they’re coming to you for information and direction (and to not feel so alone!). How can you both meet them where they’re at and take them somewhere at the same time?

At the end of the day, we all want to know others are out there who understand what we’re going through and we want the content we read or watch to apply to us in some way. As long as you take some time to put yourself in your audience’s shoes, you’ll be able to reach them more authentically and convert them organically.

5. Stay Consistent

Again, this is where hiring an assistant can come in handy if you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of posting content weekly.

But if you’re wanting to tackle this on your own, make sure you have a great system in place to help keep your content consistent, streamlined, and organized.

As Forbes Magazine wrote: “Whether you publish blogs every day or once per week, it’s crucial for your organization to choose and adhere to a schedule. When your content quality, quantity, or schedule isn’t consistent, it can confuse your customers. Keeping with a regular strategy not only helps create a better customer experience but also helps build credibility, reputation, and brand trust. Consistency can also impact your bottom line. According to Techipedia, consistent brands are worth 20% more than those with inconsistencies in their messaging.”

There you have it, consistency is a big deal. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post every day, it just means you need a system or schedule behind the process so your audience can get a handle on what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

And when your practice builds credibility, reputation, and trust you’re going to have content that converts.

6. Create With The End In Mind

Why are you creating your social media posts, blogs, videos, and newsletters?

Sure, it’s to get information out there and help people, but are you also thinking about how this is helping your business goals?

The thing is, thinking about the growth of your business while also thinking about how to help people doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, the more you can grow and build up your practice, the higher chance you’ll be able to help more people.

Before you start putting energy and effort into your content, think about how you can attach that post or video to other content you already have, or how you can promote a service or product you offer within it. Thinking about the end goal before you get started will help you leverage which topics can help with your ‘marketing web’ rather than more random ones that don’t circle back to an action someone could take in terms of conversion.

7. Know The Purpose (Bigger Picture)

Like I just mentioned above, it’s important to think of your end goal in terms of growing your practice, but it’s also important to remember why you’re doing this in the first place (especially when things get tough).

We’ve said it before and, well we’ll probably never stop saying it…knowing your Mission, Vision, and Values is key to keeping you moving forward to reaching your goals and creating a sustainable practice and enjoying it along the way!

8. You Can Reroute If You Need To

Worried that going a certain direction with your content will leave you stuck in that niche forever?

You can always reroute, rebrand, or restructure your business to make room for new ideas and adapt as time goes on. Staying consistent matters and rerouting does take time and effort, but it’s not impossible, and nothing has to be completely set in stone.

So rest assured whichever route you decide to take can always change later, so go ahead and go for it!

9. Be REAL

If you’ve ever found yourself on the other side of a business questioning how authentic the message or the people behind it are, you know from experience that they most likely didn’t get your business.

Trust is huge and we gain trust when we’re being honest and authentic. Instead of trying to be like another practice, or comparing yourself to others, spend that energy on letting your personality and what you have to offer shine through.

Clients that align with who you truly are are the ones you’re going to want anyway! So attract these ideal clients by being yourself, and the rest will follow!



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