PODCAST| How to Adjust Your Marketing for COVID-19/Coronavirus

How to Adjust Your Marketing for COVID-19/Coronavirus

John sits down with expert digital marketer Matt Headland to talk through exactly how you should adjust your marketing for COVID-19/Coronavirus for your therapy private practice. 

COVID-19/Coronavirus Resource List: 


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Matt Headland’s website: www.mattheadlandmedia.com

Included in this episode:


  • Add an update banner to your website letting people know you’re currently all online/telehealth. Link this to an announcement
  • Make sure you have an announcement page! 
    • Link to helpful sites like the CDC or a relevant blog post from your practice
  • Make any necessary forms easy to find and easy to fill out online

Google Ads

  • Update existing ads to reflect online therapy/telehealth. Add to the ad copy
    • Make sure landing pages have banner/announcement about telehealth
  • Consider adding in an ad group specific to online therapy, but keep in mind you don’t want to cross contaminate your keywords; don’t use the same keywords in 2 different ad groups 
  • Add a Sitelink Extension about Online Therapy


  • Consider hosting guided meditations, support groups, etc. via Zoom. Record and add to website
  • Invite current clients, promote via Facebook



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