PODCAST| SPECIAL EPISODE: COVID-19/Coronavirus Contingency Planning (Live Q&A with Co-Host Dr. Jeremy Sharp)

Therapists, we are facing a time of stress and uncertainty as it relates to running a private practice during this pandemic. The bad news is that this is surely to affect your business, if you haven’t already. The good news is that there are things you can to mitigate its effects and start planning for your upswing in the near future. Tune in to this special episode to hear mine and Dr. Jeremy Sharp’s (of The Testing Psychologist) essential advice and strategies for managing your private practice during the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic in a live Q&A format, covering topics including:

  1. How to establish your priorities and create a plan.
    • Health of you and your family
    • Your clinicians’ health
    • Your clients’ health
    • Your personal finances
    • Your business finances
  2. Don’t make short-term decisions that will have long-term negative impacts.
  3. Keep in mind regulations in your area could change at any moment, and could require a lockdown. Consider getting ahead of this.
  4. Decide what to do about your office vs online sessions.
  5. If you go online:
    • Draft a practice notice (in resource guide)
    • Communicate the plan with your clinicians
    • Communicate the plan with clients
    • Inquire about insurance reimbursement codes for service location
  6. Telehealth best practices:
    • Choose a platform
      • Spruce 
      • SimplePractice
      • Doxy.me
      • VSee
      • Zoom
    • Ensure clinician setting confidentiality
    • Encourage client setting confidentiality
  7. Longer term: have a 3-6 month emergency fund of your expenses + payroll in a business savings or money market account. Do the same for your personal expenses.
  8. Build additional revenue streams with your added down time (make use of this time + insulate yourself against this in the future)
  9. It will be ok. Reassure yourself, your staff, and your clients. Step up and be a leader.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Resource List: 


Telemental Health Basic Starter Pack:


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