PODCAST| 152: How to Identify Your Brand Values

John sits down again with “sidekick”/co-host Matt Headland for another segment-based episode, where they cover:

  1. Private practice current events
  2. “Rate my homepage” live website critique
  3. Marketing hack
  4. Tech tip
  5. Quote to ponder

Excerpt from the episode:

Ready to align your business with meaningful values? Wistia came up with the questions you need to ask to get your brand values in order.

Two questions to ask your customers:

  • Why did you choose us? Take note of the main reason why your people resonate and choose your brand in the first place.
  • How would you describe our brand if it was a person? Getting customers to describe your brand as a person in their life will clarify your brand’s attributes that resonate with them the most.

Two questions to ask yourself, or the owner:

  • Why did you start this company? Unpassionate entrepreneurs aren’t a thing. Be honest with yourself, there was a problem that you set to solve.
  • What do you value the most, personally?  Understand the personal values of your business as a whole. This includes yourself as an owner and the folks who work with you.

Two questions to ask your co-workers:

  • Why did you join our organization? Find out why your employees chose to work for you. Then compare their answers to your own plus the feedback you’ve received from customers.
  • Why have you stayed here? Harvard Business Review supported the notion that when values align, then satisfaction, comfort, and productivity in the workplace increases, which means employees stay longer.

Referenced in the show:




Khalil Gibran: “The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.”

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