PODCAST| 132: Virtual Assistant Success with Uriah Guilford

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Ever wondered whether you should hire a virtual assistant, or how to be successful when you do? If so, then this is an episode you absolutely don’t want to miss. Uriah Guilford, owner of the Productive Therapist virtual assistant company, sits down with John in this episode to talk all about:

5 benefits of having an amazing virtual assistant:

  1. Enjoy your work more – Delegate tasks you don’t like or are not particularly good at
  2. Make more money – Free up your time to focus on income generating activities
  3. Avoid burnout – Escape the hustle, i.e. superhero syndrome and being too busy
  4. Keep your clients happy – Improve customer service for clients
  5. Take more vacations – Make it possible to take vacations while your business runs efficiently

Tips on working effectively with a virtual assistant

  • Excellent communication is a must 
  • Use technology efficiently
  • Delegate the outcomes – avoid getting stuck in the deciding trap
  • How to deal with problems when it’s not going well

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