BLOG| Why Therapists Are the Best Private Practice Marketers

Why Therapists Are the Best Private Practice Marketers

In my work with therapists, I’ve spoken with over 300 private practitioners on how they are running their business, where they want it to be, and where they’re getting stuck. A resounding message I hear from them is this: I’m not a good private practice marketer. I’m just “not good” at marketing.

I don’t know where therapists adopted this belief, but I would guess that a lot of it has to do with therapists entering into business without any business training, and without any sort of plan. In general, therapists tend to simply “wing it” when it comes to marketing their business, especially when it comes to marketing their business online.

I see a lot of therapists wasting an incredible amount of time doing things online that they erroneously think will get them clients. Randomly posting to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on. And most therapists doing these sorts of things really have no idea why they’re doing them. They’re just trying to get more clients.

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When therapists can overcome their fear of digital marketing, become equipped with a highly effective plan, they start to open their minds to the idea that they may already in fact be the best private practice marketers among business owners of all kinds. Why is that?

  1. Good marketing is about accurate empathy. Yes, in a way it’s as simple as that. When a client is sitting on the couch in front of you, you know exactly what to do. How to resonate with them, how to accurate reflect their pain, how to create connection through empathy. But when it comes to your marketing, you panic and start rambling about yourself because you don’t know how to write a clear marketing message. The reality is, good marketing is simply about letting prospective clients that you “get it” and can help.
  2. Therapists are experts in human behavior. Marketing is about accurate empathy paired with motivating people to take an action. In most cases, that means compelling a client to “call now,” “book now,” “get started now,” etc. So what kinds of words and messaging would get a client to finally feel ready to reach out to you? Imagine what you would say to a potential client sitting right in front of you, and it will start to become more clear than ever. You already know what inspires people to make change and take action—you just need to start doing that with your website.

Too many therapists get caught up in feeling self-conscious when it comes to marketing themselves. The good news is: good marketing isn’t about YOU, it’s about the client. So, the next time you’re sitting down to create a video or a blog post, just keep this in mind. Your clients are searching for services like yours because they want someone to help them get results, and naturally they are inwardly focused on their current internal experience, and their vision of how they’d like their life to be as a result of working with someone like you.

Don’t overthink it. Good marketing is common sense marketing. Maybe you already have all the knowledge you need.

Running a private practice can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

Go here to learn more about marketing a private practice (without all the overwhelm), or watch the video below on digital marketing for therapists in private practice:

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About John: John Clarke, MA, EdS, LPCC, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor, entrepreneur and private practice consultant. He has started and grown 5 businesses since 2013, including his group counseling practice that he sold in April 2019. He’s also a drummer, Muay Thai martial arts practitioner and enthusiast, and currently lives in Paris, France for his wife’s job. He loves helping therapists get more clients and grow a better business.




  1. Chase

    Hey John. I liked the article. I tried to contact you through your website but couldn’t find a way to book a appointment. I live in Asia so that might be the issue.

    I’m a psychologist practicing abroad and wanted to figure out this online marketing game and your videos caught my attention. If you have time please let me know how I can reach you.



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