076: The Digital Strategy Roadmap

Meet me in Philadelphia October 19 for the Get Seen Summit, along with digital marketing experts Katie Keates-May, Ernesto Segismundo, and Uriah Guilford. In this episode, I check in after a stormy weekend in Charlotte and share my new digital strategy roadmap for therapists.

  1. Killer website (logo, colors, images, tagline, copy, and CTAs)
  2. Crush all 3 pillars of the Google game
  3. Steadily build your email list
  4. Start to incorporate brand awareness
  5. Track and diagnose issues using your KPIs

Register for the Get Seen Summit, an in-person digital marketing event October 19, at www.getseensummit.com. Tickets are limited!


Written and Directed by John Clarke

Produced by Laura Correa



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