023: Your Niche is YOU with Kelly Higdon

Kelly Higdon of Zynnyme/Business Bootcamp is an absolute legend. I met Kelly last summer and she’s been one of the most influential people of my life and business this year. Kelly knows business, and she knows marketing. Kelly also has one of those really rare combinations of technical prowess blended with a keen ability for getting to the heart of people and helping them discover their true intentions and their biggest emotional blocks. In this episode, Kelly completely changed the way I think about a therapist’s “niche.” More in this episode:

  1. Kelly’s unshakable trust in her hairdresser
  2. How I offended Kelly before we even met
  3. Kelly’s multi-passionate work life
  4. How to drown out the noise and focus deeper on what you’re doing
  5. Your niche isn’t your specialty, your nice is YOU

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Practice Solutions billing. Too many therapists try to do everything involved in keeping a practice running. Doing so keeps you overwhelmed and unable to really grow your business to the level where you know it could be. I trust Practice Solutions with all of my business coaching clients and Private Practice Workshop community members because I know they’re in the best hands with Jeremy and his team. Working with Practice Solutions will enable you to step back and focus on the big picture of your practice, going from business operator to true business owner.



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