022: Money, Meaning, and Aliens with John Harrison LPCC

Ok, so this episode is only a *little* bit about aliens. It’s really a philosophical, beard stroking chat about all things life, values, and being human. Oh, and private practice. More in this episode:

  1. Mystery as a part of life
  2. Trauma and disrupted realities
  3. Living in a dualistic world
  4. Leaning into the anxiety of private practice
  5. Starting a private practice isn’t for everyone
  6. Who owns you? Vs owning your dollar
  7. How to make financial decisions
  8. The true value of money
  9. Money and happiness

This is one of the most unique PPW episodes ever recorded. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it.
John Harrison is a licensed mental health counselor and certified Relational Life Therapist. He has extensive experience working with men while serving as an Army officer, as a therapist at the VA hospital, and as a marriage therapist. He is a proud father of 2 young girls. He owns Life Made Conscious located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is the host of the True Calling Project podcast.
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