018: How to Market a Testing Practice with Dr. Jeremy Sharp

Want to learn how to market your testing and assessment practice? Look no further, because Dr. Jeremy Sharp, clinical psychologist from www.thetestingpsychologist.com is here to fill you in.
Don’t miss this unique episode that was recorded live in a dorm room in northern Michigan! Jeremy and I talk all things testing, with a focus on how to market a testing practice. This is a great episode for you if you not only currently run a testing practice, but are a group practice owner considering adding testing to your business. Also included in this episode:

  1. How testing can positively impact your client’s life
  2. How to ensure quality in your testing practice
  3. How to genuinely connect with testing referral sources
  4. The testing report as a marketing tool
  5. The role of reputation in a testing practice
  6. Making a lasting impression on your testing clients
  7. Jeremy’s top marketing strategies for a testing practice

Dr. Jeremy Sharp is a licensed psychologist and the founder of www.thetestingpsychologist.com. Jeremy is also owns and operates the Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling in Fort Collins, CO. He helps psychologists all over the country start and grow successful testing practices. Listen to The Testing Psychologist podcast, and join his growing Facebook community.



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