013: How to Build a Community Around Your Brand with Dog Trainer Katrina Kensington

I’ve learned an unbelievable amount about marketing from my dog trainer. Katrina Kensington, founder of Keen Dog in Charlotte NC is on the show to talk to us about building a community around your brand. Katrina also tells us how to differentiate your business, build lasting community partnerships, and how to gain and keep the attention of your audience.
Also included in this episode:
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KeenDog is a lead by husband and wife team Katrina & Phillip Kensington. For nearly 7 years this dynamic duo has worked side by side to create innovative training techniques for both their clients and their trainers, with a mindset that every day we can improve as a company. It is our belief that dog training should be a fun and interactive life experience for both owner and dog, coaching both equally on how to properly communicate between two species and live a happy life together.
Katrina and Phillip exude our training philosophy of active training – they run, hike, bike, swim and weight train all with their four dogs – Zoey, a rescue Chow-mix, Bullet, a Cooper’s Australian Shepherd, Carmella, a Season’s Gold Golden Retriever, and Opie, a Southern Soul Australian Shepherd. Advocates for animal rights (Katrina herself is a vegan), this love for animals shows in their dog training techniques as they believe that training a dog to understand our language should be done using a variety of methods that is fair and fun.
Katrina has an eye for training both dogs and people, and her ability to multi-task at a quick speed, allows KeenDog to constantly be evolving. Katrina has also appeared in a variety of commercials (Cosequin) and television appearances (Good Day Charlotte), and is a leader in the dog training world with her many YouTube tutorial videos. Katrina is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and has completed PTSD Service Dog Training from This Able Veteran.



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