05: How to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Audience with Dr. Melvin Varghese

A lot of therapists are wondering: Should I start a podcast? Why is podcasting so important? How do I test my podcast idea? Where do I begin? Dr. Melvin Varghese is a licensed psychologist and the founder of SellingTheCouch.com. Melvin’s podcast has received more than 275,000 downloads in more than 100 countries around the world. Listen in to this week’s episode to learn all about how starting a podcast can help you grow your audience and open new doors in your life and business. Included in this show:

  1. Melvin’s impressive morning routine
  2. The power of your voice
  3. How to test your podcast idea before starting
  4. How a podcast can help you grow your practice
  5. How to use your podcast as a medium to promote anything
  6. How to leverage Calls to Action (CTAs) in your podcast
  7. Some podcast gear essentials
  8. How to decide whether to use a podcast editor

Free Podcasting Workshop with Melvin: sellingthecouch.com/podcastingworkshop,
Healthcasters Podcasting Course/community for health, wellness, and fitness podcaster: http://sellingthecouch.com/the-healthcasters/
Melvin’s private practice site: melvinvarghese.com



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