01: Embracing Your Inner Narcissist and Using Video to Promote Your Practice: A Conversation with Ernesto Segismundo

There is a wealth of information online for mental health professionals about how to have a successful private practice. However, one particular type of question keeps cropping up. How am I going to get my next client, how am I going to keep clients coming? The answer is deceptively simple: Marketing. Promoting your practice is a personal and somewhat uncomfortable process, but it is vital if you want to see your practice grow.
Now is your opportunity to dig in deep to marketing. The Marketing Workshop Podcast is all about growing your audience to serve the world. This week, host John Clarke talks the ins and outs of promotional video and social media engagement with Ernesto Segismundo. Ernesto specializes in helping therapists promote their practice through online video. Posting videos can lower the veil between client and therapist, and bring a desirable human element to your practice. Hear how to make that happen, plus a few tools of the trade to get you started.
Also in this episode:

  • The power of video and social media to grow and humanize your brand.
  • Therapy is an intimate encounter, so video narrows the gap between you and your potential clients.
  • Advice for new therapists trying to figure out their brand.
  • Ernesto’s use of the “Johari Window” technique to develop a personal brand.
  • Creating client dialogue to improve your brand.
  • Utilizing social media and Facebook Live to generate a community and a network.
  • Social Media is unfriendly for therapists: so here’s how to maximize its use without crossing client boundaries.
  • Getting engagement from Live Facebook videos.
  • Societal changes around fear and confidence.
  • Exploring the mindset of marketing as a shameful practice.
  • Private practice mental health professionals are established business people.
  • The ins and outs of video production.
  • Video ideas and tricks for private and group practices.

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